Thursday, September 22


Just after few months, only then i feel like i wanna update this blog. haha .
sorry for being cruel xD
"Every day try a little harder to be a little better"
I found the quote on my twitter mase-bila-entah . i like it c;
It just a simple equation to be better. as long as we have the right intentions ,
so nothing's impossible! only dream without efforts is totally useless. 
akan tetapi , i am a dreamer , and jyeah! believe me, i'm not the only one xD

Recently, i had my trial results . it didn't satisfy me . haha . ahh at least, adequate lah dgn ape yang aku usaha for trial --' it ain't that easy as easy as ABC bebehhh . especially for BM and BI .  those are horrible! haha . tapi lagi susah mutalaah kot . choi . aim >85. herm .
haha! rasa lagi cuak final exam dari SMU . apekedehal? +______+

Huuuu, I'm craving for lomo . naaa, interesting . tapi tak rase akan dapat sekarang . takpe lah . ku setia menunggumu wahai lomo . Diana F+ CMYK ? (; yang bawah , menggoda aku betul ><

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